Site Build & Civil Works

Steel Fabrication
Levi Webster has been engaged in the fabrication of tower member units and grillages for complete rooftop mounts design to GSM site construction specifications and installation; as well as local fabrication of light towers for foundation antennae poles, diesel tanks, hold-down bolt templates, diplexer brackets, palisade fences, sound-proofing of generator canopy, gantry support poles, microwave poles, electricity boxes, etc.

The quality of structural steels and the sizes of the sections and plates made from them are carefully controlled throughout the fabrication processes to comply with the requirements of the British Standard Code of Practice (BSCP)

Structural Analysis
Levi Webster has recorded strings of successes in structural engineering due to its strict uncompromising compliance and adherence to the policy of quality, teamwork and prompt execution of projects.

As the ENGINEER to the engineers, we offer structural services mainly within the telecommunications industry where our experience over the years illustrates an ability to provide unique innovative solutions to challenging situations. Our designs satisfy performance, aesthetics and economic requirements thereby giving us a comparative advantage over competitions.

At Levi Webster, we parade a crack-team of tested and attested engineers who pay attention to the minutest of details in approaching a project, embark on well researched analysis and proceed to recommend accordingly. We are into structural steel designs, reinforced concrete structures, and a broad range of foundation types for telecomm cell sites. We also do structural site assessment, feasibility studies and quality assurance.

Our other services in structural engineering include:

+ Tower structure
+ Tower super structure
+ Various steel and concrete elements/works
+ Equipment shelter
+ Electrical installations
+ Antennae and cable installation
+ General civil works

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